Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcoming the 2013

How do we welcome the new 2013? Do you believe in the infamous “how you start this year could define the rest of it?” or are you more of the “it’s just another day in the calendar”. I’ve never pondered this before but I definitely tried to start the year of with the right foot in terms of style and actions. On January 1st I wore my favorite Zara striped pants with a geometrical print top and Christian Siriano platforms.
I’ve never worn too much lipstick and have always been told by my grandmother “pintate los labios” which is Spanish for “paint your lips” (this is the literal translation).  So, with this in mind I bought a great Dior red lipstick which I haven’t stopped using since I bought it a couple of days ago, I’m beginning to think it might be addictive.  In terms of accessories I went light on my jewelry with really thin gold hoop earrings, Michelle watch and gold bracelet which my mother lent me only under her watchful eye.  I decided to go light on the jewelry because of the print mixing I used. And last but certainly not least I wore a DKNY leather bag which certainly gave the look a luxurious touch and texture.

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