Sunday, February 10, 2013

DIY Headdresses

I've been liking headdresses for some time now; I just like how they can finish a look or give it that extra touch. I must admit that I occasionally, or more than I would like to admit enter Jenny Packham's website and oh & ah over the beautiful and detailed headdresses, it kind of transmits me to another time where everything was so detail oriented. Getting back to the task at hand... I decided that I would try to do my own headdress and share with you the process. It's really simple to do and a bit time consuming, but it's worth it! I hope you enjoy this post! Let me know what you think!

Materials  you'll need:
1. Sewing needles
2. Securing needles
3. Scissors
4. Measuring Tape
5. Thread (match the color to your ribbon)

6. Ribbon ( I used a black one with satin finish)
7. Elastic band
8. Beaded Appliqué (you can find it at a fabric store)


1. Measure your head's circumference & write it down 
2. Measure from ear to ear (or until you desire the appliqué to reach) & cut the appliqué; write down the measurement
3. Cut the ribbon 4 inches more than the length of the appliqué. Cut a small strand of the elastic band, enough to attach to the ribbon and achieve a tight but comfortable fit.   

4.Attach the elastic band to the ribbon with the securing needles

5. With the needles secure the appliqué to the ribbon, leaving 2 inches of excess to each side. This is to ease the process of sewing the appliqué to the ribbon and to achieve better precision. 

6. Sew the appliqué to the ribbon. I sewed the appliqué on the upper and bottom side to make sure it was really secured and wouldn't fall. 

7. Take one of the ends of the ribbon and fold in half (as seen in the picture), and sew, as to create a seam.

8. Fold a second time, but this time with the elastic band within it. Secure with the needle and sew. I began to sew from the corner and continued to the other side, reinforcing the area with the elastic. I also sewed the sides of the ribbon to secure the entire area. Repeat for the other side. 

9. The folded area with the elastic will be a little flappy, so take that area and attach it to the exposed elastic and sew again (repeat for the other side). This step is more for aesthetics reasons.

And Vuala! you have finished your headdress! This headdress can be worn two ways... see the pictures of the finished product and ideas of how you can wear it! 

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