Saturday, April 27, 2013

Island Living

Island living has many perks, the beautiful beaches is definitely one of them. My mom and I have been unknowingly collecting sarongs for many years, I say unknowingly because it hasn't been intentional, whenever we travel and find them we buy them, and that's besides the ones we buy here. I can't think of a more crucial summer must have, their prints and colors are intoxicating, and they have such an exotic vibe to them. The best part of sarongs is that you can wear them in so many ways, I wore it as a long skirt with this short blouse, but you can also wear them as a dress or even as pants. You don't necessarily need to travel to find them, this one is actually from Lucky Brand and it looks super different and exotic, but if you get the chance to buy a hand painted one, that's a keeper!

Let me know what you think!


Blouse: From a shop in Santorini, Sarong: Lucky Brand, Hat: Volcom, Bikini: Nanette Lepore, Shades: Tom Ford, Necklace: Turkish jewelry 


  1. I like so much the outfit but i prefer it without the hat!

  2. Must be nice to see sunshine everyday. Awesome blog!!

  3. The sarong is so pretty!


  4. Lovely outfit and location :)