Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Perfect Bag

If there's any summer essential item that every woman should have, it's a bag you can take from anywhere to anywhere. Case in point... this canvas tote, it's casual and polished at the same time and it'll look great with a cute summer dress, jeans or shorts and work as the perfect beach tote carrying all your essentials. This tote is really classy, but extremely versatile, it'll look great with the most traditional dresser to the bohemian/surfer dresser and everything in between. I chose this tote because of its slim shape and detachable strap, I've been victim of the too big and too clumsy bags or the ones with really uncomfortable handles. Since this bag has many uses I pulled two different looks for different occasions with the same bag, hope you like them!
Denim and canvas look amazing together, so it was a no brainer to match them for this look. I went for a very casual afternoon style, probably for a weekend of vintage shopping. I loved these Tory Burch loafers and the contrast they have with the more traditional bag and blouse, the detailing on the shorts also help add some spice to the complete look. Combining different styles is always a good idea, and these pieces all have a relaxed and easy going nature in common.

I'm crazy over this mini-pineapple J.Crew bikini, it's super fun and kind of unexpected! This bag is perfect for the beach, you can fit a sarong, shades, sunblock, magazines or books inside while still looking like a pro beach goer, someone that gets their tan on every day and knows not to overpack. I really didn't want to hide the bikini, so I went for a sarong so you could still see the top and appreciate the pineapple print. You can transition from the sand to a nice beachside restaurant without having to switch from an oversized beach tote to a handbag with this one, and it will look great with a maxi or short dress.

Let me know what you think!


Madewell Tote
Mini-Pineapple J.Crew Bikini 
J.Crew Denim Blouse
Zara Shorts
Tory Burch Hat
Vix Pareo

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