Friday, July 12, 2013

Pastries with Chantilly Cream

Here's another recipe for the quick recipe box. Since posting the quick Chocolate Cupcakes with Salty Caramel Frosting, I've been thinking about other super easy and fast recipes that you can whip up in just minutes. I keep coming up with the same concept, half store bought and the other half made from scratch. Making pastries is no easy challenge, it takes time, attention and lots of patience, but a great way to skip all that and get great results is using store bought puff pastry. For this recipe I used puff pastry, which I cut it into squares and placed in a cupcake tray and baked until golden. I then filled them with Chantilly Cream, which is super delicious and extremely easy to make, you just need 3 ingredients and your done! This dessert tastes super light, so it's great for summer and it literally does not take more than about 20-25 mins to make! If you're feeling more adventurous you can definitely  switch the vanilla in the Chantilly Cream for orange, lemon or liquor. Another choice could also be grating or drizzling chocolate over the cream. Hope you like it!

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Chantilly Cream
1 cup heavy whipping cream
2 tablespoons confectioner sugar
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract.

Combine all three ingredients and whip until desired consistency. Chill in the refrigerator until moment of use. 

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