Saturday, August 24, 2013

Camo Green

Hope your weekend is of to a great start, mine definitely started in an energetic mode! My favorite way to pair skinny bottoms is with a loose top, and visa-versa, I like the opposite function of tight and loose, I've also used the same fit all around, but I tend to prefer the opposites. I've always liked jeans, but I have to admit that they do come in second place to shorts, I'm a serious shorts aficionado. These pants were a great score for my closet, they function as jeans because they're super versatile, but in a cooler way and it's the perfect way to give them a rest. I'm a huge bagaholic, so when I got this one as a gift, I instantly fell inlove with its quirky shape and color, and thought that the neon trimmings were the coolest details... remember it's always in the details! Hope you like this looks!

Let me know what you think!


Photos by RaRod

Blouse: Dex, Bottoms: Levis, Bag:IIIBeca, Shoes: Zodiac, Shades: Tom Ford