Saturday, October 26, 2013

Red Valentino

I've always thought that we all need a dress that makes us feel elegant and classy, that one dress, that you immediately know is perfect for any occasion. I've been loving Red Valentino's elegant and super feminine pieces, and thought it would be the perfect line for this post. This dress looks like vintage perfection, the blush tone makes the perfect statement in the most elegant fashion. I kept the sandals in a similar color so they would blend in, but wanted the black velvet ribbon to standout, so I decided to pair it with this Alexander McQueen clutch. The best way to accessorize this look would be with statement earrings, and subtle to none bracelets. Hope you like this look!

Let me know!


Siempre he pensando que todas necesitamos un traje que nos haga sentir elegantes y finas, ese traje que es perfecto para cualquier ocasión. Últimamente he estado encantada con el toque femenino de las piezas de Red Valentino, y pensé que sería lo ideal para el post de hoy. Decidí ir por unas sandalias del mismo tono del vestido para que se complementaran, pero quería resaltar el detalle del velvet negro añadiendo esta cartera de noche de Alexander McQueen. La mejor manera de llevar este look es con un mínimo de accesorios. Espero que les guste.

Me dejan saber.


Red Valentino Dress
Alexander McQueen Clutch 
Steve Madden Sandals
Aerin Erickson Beamon Earrings 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous look! adore every item!

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