Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekend Style

After a long and eventful weekend, Im back! I've already confessed how much I love white t-shirts, and this one, is probably one of my favorites. The slanted slightly oversized, side pocket adds so much style to a plain white t-shirt, and the fact that I found it on sale, in Marshalls, makes it even better, naturally I bought two. Casual wear is what you make of it, I added a statement necklace, layered two more simple ones, and went for leopard print loafers, to really style this look. This military inspired jacket always comes in handy when it suddenly rains and it gets cooler. Hope you like this look!

Let me know!


Por fin estoy devuelta, después de un fin de semana largo y lleno de eventos. Ya les he contado lo mucho que me gustan las "t-shirts" blancas, y esta, probablemente es de mis favoritas. El bolsillo inclinado le añade muchísimo estilo a esta "t-shirt" normal, y el hecho de que la conseguí en Marshalls y en especial, la hace hasta mejor, claro que compré dos de ellas. Uno puede hacer maravillas con un look casual, escogí un collar llamativo y le añadí otros dos más simples, quise usar estos mocasines de print de leopardo para añadir más interés  Este jacket de estilo militar es perfecto para cuando llueve de momento y refresca un poco. Espero que les guste este look.

Me dejan saber que les parece.


Photos by rarod

Jacket: Zara, T-shirt:3 Olives, Shorts: Levis, Shoes: Steve Madden, Shades: Karen Walker, Bag: Leather Tote from Venecia, 


  1. love ur necklaces!!!!! and shoes!!!! and the whole outfit hahah

  2. LOVE your outfit!! SO pretty! Today is my blog's one year anniversary! Hope you come by at some point <3


  3. fab outfit, I love the most your flats

    Lots of Love

  4. Hello doll,
    I came to pay you a visit and I am really delighted with your blog. You have a new follower right away! I think we're going to get along just fine! ;) I'd like to invite you to visit mine and hope that you have a good time there!
    I wish you lots of success! and will surely come back often.
    Aida Camilo