Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break Anyone?

It's pretty common to think that Spring Break is almost synonymous to Beach, so with that in mind this post is dedicated to that possible trip you have plan out or at least to that day dream of spending an entire day soaking up the sun in some beautiful beach. Obviously, swimwear is the number one thing you think of when it comes to this; my go-to's when choosing are fit, prints and colors. Fit is really important when choosing swimwear, if that Brazilian cut or tiny bikinis aren't your cup of tea there are many other options. I'm particularly loving the vintage bottoms, they're super flattering and they'll help you stand out since not many women are wearing them. There's also the one piece, it's no longer the boring "momish" piece that sends out the message "I'm not skinny or fit enough"or "I'm trying to hide my  body", there are amazing options, with cutouts, different shapes and prints. 

Prints & colors are the first thing I look at when choosing, I'm really into prints right now, so that would be what lures my eyes to a specific piece. Prints in swimwear give the feeling of an exotic and pricey, which are great things to have but you don't necessarily have to pay the price. If you have a hefty budget, this We Are Handsome bikini is AMAZING, think of Amazon goddess with its print, but if not  Roxy has teamed up with non other but Diane Von Furstenberg( A.K.A. print perfection). Billabong also has some great options, and if you have a tighter budget this Target bikini has the trendy neon colors, amazing shape and a super affordable price! Going to the beach should be relaxing and fun, don't stress about swimwear, there are many great options in terms of shapes, prints, cover and price points! 



  1. Lovely bikinis!! Hope you visit my blog!!

  2. great selects! i can't wait for the sun to come out!
    i'm now following your blog - hope you follow back xx