Thursday, April 11, 2013

Acaí Purple Bowl

I learned about purple bowls a couple of months ago and since then I've been crazy over them. I usually share dessert recipes that lack on the low cal and healthy vibe, so I thought this would be a nice twist to my usuals. The main ingredient in the purple bowl is acaí purée and it's basically the reason why it's so healthy, it's full of antioxidants. You can add any other fruits you like to the purée and in terms of liquid you can use soy milk, regular milk, apple juice, orange juice or whatever you want to try out. I used strawberries, blueberries, bananas, mangos and added Naked's Berry Blast juice, but remember you can add any fruits and liquid you want. You can use honey or agave to sweeten the purple bowl and add some granola at the end when you pour it into your bowl. 

Usually when I try these type of things at restaurants or shops, I tend to be uneasy about them because it's easy to think they're low calorie, low sugar and just healthy, but they've added tons of sugar to make them taste good. If you have time to make them at home do it, plus it's super easy and fun, but if you know a place and trust their product that's perfect also. I really hope you try this out, it's perfect for your sweet cravings and those hot summer days to come, and I promise you it tastes amazing!


Ingredients I used:
1 Banana
8 Strawberries
Handfull of blueberries
Half a mango
2 packs acaí purée 
Handfull of granola
Squirt of Agave
Small amount of Berry Blast

***Purple bowl has a thicker consistency than smoothies or frappes so you'll need to add a small amount of liquid and use the acaí purée packs still frozen to maintain this consistency.

Add the fruits, acaí purée packs, small amount of liquid and agave in a blender and blend away. Transfer the mixture to a bowl where you can add granola, more berries, coconut flakes or nuts on top. 


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