Monday, August 5, 2013

Fashion Inspiration-Diane Kruger

Like in any other fashion obsessed persons' style inspiration board, Diane Kruger stands really tall in mine. Getting passed the fact that she's extremely beautiful, and to the point that she has an amazing style can be quite difficult. Whenever she's on the red carpet you know she's going to be one of the best dressed, and when she's not, she has such a killer way of doing sophisticated/feminine with a smart edgy touch. I always turn to a couple of style icons to find inspiration and compliment my own style. I've always thought that we look better when we feel ourselves, because when we feel ourselves we're confident and are able to translate that, so the best way to see these style icons is not to copy their style, but to be inspired by them and incorporate it to our own. Hope you like this post! Happy Week!

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