Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kendra Thompson Fashion Challenge-Animal Kingdom Trip

A couple of days ago I got an email from Kendra Thornton, a very well known travel expert that has been featured on television shows such as Tyra Banks and Nate Berkus, and was invited to participate of a challenge. The challenge was choosing one daytime and nighttime look for her upcoming trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom with her family. If you've ever done a trip to Disney you know there are a couple of things that are extremely important: comfort, functionality and of course, style. So, I was more than excited to come up with two looks for this challenge. I really thought since it will be during Spring, colors and prints were a must and that they should by a bit laid back, because after all it's a family vacation and you really want to enjoy every minute of it. 

One of the exhibition I used for inspiration for the challenge was the Oasis. If you haven't been here you should definitely look it up, you'll see that when you're in this exhibition you'll be surrounded by lush, green plants and animals. So, the first look was all about comfort, but still very chic. I chose espadrilles because I'm slightly obsessed with them right now and they'll function like a sneaker, but will be so much more stylish. Florals and bright colors are perfect for Spring and since Kendra will be walking around, shades and a hat will be the ideal tools for a bright sunny day. I'm crazy over handbags and have different style, so I've learned that shoulder bags are the best when you're traveling and will probably want to have both hands free, plus the bucket bag is another staple item for Spring.

"I love a good family vacation. I’ve always been a travel enthusiast, and as a mom, I’m enjoying passing on this enthusiasm to my kids. My husband and I will be taking the kids on vacation to Orlando this year, and I’ve already had a lot of fun as I’ve planned our trip with the help of Gogobot, a wonderful booking website. One of the events I’m most looking forward to enjoying with my family is a trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I’ve learned so much about the various exhibits there, and I can’t wait to watch my kids learn and interact. Before I enjoy this fun time with my family, I need your help. I’m in need of your personal style advice. I know I’ll enjoy myself the most at Animal Kingdom if I feel confident and comfortable in trendy styles. Will you help me choose the ideal outfit? To give you some inspiration, I’ve included a description of one of the exhibits I’m most excited to share with my family during our fun day at this park.  The Oasis Exhibits When we first arrive at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we’ll enjoy the Oasis Exhibits as we wander along trails for a self-guided tour. Several colorful signs will help us learn about the plants and animals that live in the world’s jungles. As we explore the exhibits, we’ll be surrounded by lush jungle vegetation. Waterfalls and a bubbling stream will add to the experience. In several places we can stop for photo opportunities at observation decks. We’ll see such animals as the exotic boar, a giant anteater, spoonbills, wallabies and barking deer. I want to be dressed comfortably in something that won’t embarrass my kids later when we peruse the family photo album.  Orlando Vacations I’ve always enjoyed traveling to Orlando. It’s earned a reputation as one of the world’s hottest vacation spots, and the family-friendly nature of the area makes it a great place to bring the kids. The hotels and resorts here feature family-friendly options as well, and there are so many great accommodations to choose from that I had a difficult time making my final decision. I’m so grateful that the friendly travel experts at Gogobot provided the information to help make my decision easier.  No matter what I’m doing when on a family vacation, I feel better and enjoy myself more when I’m dressed in cool, comfortable fashions that look great. I’m excited to learn what you recommend for my family’s excursion to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. "

For the nighttime look I decided to keep it simple with some bright details that add a lot of character to the look. Still very much inspired with the Oasis exhibit, this look has the same essence of the exhibit, but with a more dressed up version. The sandals and the clutch are what really make this look pop, which is always a great go-to to spruce up any dress you might already have. I found this bracelet and thought that there wouldn't be a better accessory for a style inspired in Animal Kingdom.

Hope you like these looks!



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