Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lovely in Grey

Today I'm sharing with you two different looks but with the same idea of using ponchos. In the first look I'm wearing a modern version of the poncho, with its shorter length it makes it look more casual and functional. I decided to wear grey leggings and booties to lengthen the look, I chose a purple fringed clutch to add a splash of color and texture to the look.

In this second look I wore a longer poncho where its details lie on the neck and length of the poncho. This one is true to the original poncho and its length gives it a more elegant yet bohemian look. I used simple earrings and picked up my hair so it wouldn't look too busy with the exaggerated neck. Let me know what you think about the look!

Short Poncho: Billabong, Long Poncho: Calvin Klein, Leggings: BCBG, Purse: Tory Borch, Shades: Tom Ford

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