Thursday, March 21, 2013


It's official, Spring is here!!! I wish I could write something like "put your coats & gloves away..." but winter is still holding strong. It doesn't hurt to day dream about warmer days, so as to help you with your vision I rounded up some of my favorite sunglasses to help you with the sunny days to come. My favorite type of sunglasses are without a doubt oversized, they're perfect for those mornings when you don't have a single drop of makeup on and just don't want to show your face yet, or they also work on protecting a larger portion of your face from the sunlight while looking incredibly chic! I tend to prefer rounded sunglasses, but it really depends on the shape of your face. The star of this post are definitely these Louis Vuitton Holly shades, they have this wonderful retro feel to them that I just love, but they are quite expensive, but an affordable option that would give the same effect would be these Tory Burch Print sunglasses. 

Everyone should have a great pair of sunglasses, they can be expensive, but if you take good care of them you could have them for a couple of years and you'll have a high ROI since you'll be wearing them almost everyday. I'm always obsessing over sunglasses, my mom always tells me that I would be happy walking around naked with an oversized bag and oversized shades, so that pretty much sums up my affection towards them! To those still battling with winter... hope you get sunnier & warmer days soon enough! Hope you liked the post!


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